Poonam Bajwa on Thambikottai

Poonam Bajwa is now learning Yoga from a renowned master in Mumbai, say circles close to her. And not just Yoga, she is a regular to gym too, they add.Perhaps Poonam could be taking the hint from Anushka, who is a Yoga master,

Confirming this, the ‘Thenavattu’ and ‘Kacheri Aarambam’ actress says, “I always wanted to keep my body and mind fit. So I am learning Yoga besides practicing at a gym near my house. These things help me feel fresh all the day.”

Poonam is currently acting in ‘Thambikottai’ opposite Narain. “I don’t believe in accepting films unless there is enough scope for the role I play. So I am choosy about offers and this is the reason behind not acting in many movies at a time.

On ‘Thambikottai’, she says, “It is an action movie however with a message. How a pair of lovers unites two warring villages, forms the crux of the story. I am hopeful that ‘Thambikottai’ will take me to heights.”


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