Poonam Bajwa Faints on the sets of Thambikottai

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Poonam Bajwa of the actress of ‘Thenavattu’ and ‘Kacheri Aarambam’ created a condition of nervous excitement on the sets of ‘Thambikottai’ when the actress fainted all of a sudden while the cast and crew were busy in the shot of a temple festival scene.

The incident took place when director R Ammu Ramesh and his team were reportedly filming the famous Narthamalai Muthumari Amman temple festival in Pudukottai district, with the help of five state-of-the-art cameras.

As per the scene, Narain, the hero of Thambikottai  had to go in search of Poonam in the crowd. In the mist of the crowd, Poonam found it difficult to breath and suffocated, it is said. In no time, she fainted much to the shock of the public and the film’s crew.

A doctor was immediately brought and the actress became normal only after the first-aid was performed. As a result, shooting was disrupted for a few hours. Poonam is doing well now, sources say.


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    So what"s the big deal? This is an example to ppl. There are so many public who die each yr like that. Who will care for them all?

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