Pooja Panimalar college

Pooja’s speech at Panimalar Engineering College

Pooja Panimalar college

Actress Pooja was the chief guest at the anniversary celebrations of the Panimalar Engineering College the other day. The actress, who looked as pretty as ever, gave away the awards to the students as part of the function and delivered a short and sweet speech which was well-received by the students and teachers alike.

“Students should remain educated at any cost; at the same time, they should also inculcate in them the twin habits of patience and perseverance, which are the two most necessary ingredients to achieve success in any field,” said Pooja who started with the remark that she was quite happy to be standing amid ‘future engineers’ of various disciplines.

“Only because of my education, I could overcome the many obstacles that I had to face in my life. Education is a very important tool for all of us and I’m sure today’s students are more courageous and vocal than their predecessors. Girl students appear to be ‘softer’ compared to their male counterparts. Their soft nature is exploited by men which is not a welcome thing. Girls should build up courage in their speech and attitude.

“The not-so-courageous attitude displayed by a few girls, results in great harm to many other girl students. I wish all the students success in their respective ventures,” said Pooja, whose speech was met with thunderous applause. Pooja also gave away awards to students for excellence in various fields.


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