Pooja plays a princess in a Sinhalese film


Actress Pooja hasn’t been spotted anywhere in Kollywood for the past few months. The actress, who had delivered an amazing performance director Bala’s ‘Naan Kadavul’ as a blind beggar more than two years ago, was seen only in Sudha Prasad’s ‘Drohi‘ after that. Her role of a teacher in ‘Drohi’, albeit a ‘special appearance’, was liked by those who watched the movie.

Rumours have started surfacing that Pooja is under pressure from her parents to get married and settle down in matrimonial bliss. As if to prove this, Pooja started assisting her father in his business instead of concentrating in her career as an actress.

Meanwhile, Pooja is back to films but not here. The picture-perfect actress has been roped in to play the lead role of a ‘princess’ in a Sinhalese movie, it is reported. When contacted, Pooja opened up about the Sinhalese film offer. “It is true that my father was keen to see me get married after I finished shooting for Bala’s Naan Kadavul.

“I was getting many offers to star in Tamil and other language films but I kept on refusing those offers as I couldn’t prevail over my parents’ decision. When the offer to play the lead role in the Sinhalese film under question, which is jointly produced by ten persons, I couldn’t say no as the script was gripping and fascinating.

“The script, based on a Buddhist story, has been penned by Disha Abhisekara. Lankan actor Jackson Antony plays a prince and I play a princess opposite him. The film-makers wanted a heroine with an ‘Indian face’ and I appeared to have fitted their ‘expectations’ perfectly. If you want to know why the director wanted a heroine with an Indian face, you have to ask him for the reason and not me.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’d try to do full justice to the role I have agreed to play, as I have always done in my earlier films,” concludes Pooja.



  1. Tamilan

    They use to adore her, in tamil. Now she is siding the mass murderers. Bloody cinema artists are just for money and fame. Dont have dignity. tuiikkkkss

  2. rajiv

    true, i feel bad for myself and for seeman. i cant see how she accepts seeman anna as the reason for her growth and do this at the same time!

  3. bebo

    so rude reply .. seri ok..indha padathunala she is nt going to get any movie offer from Tamil which she knows.. who cares u bitch.. 

  4. rage

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