Pooja on marriage plans, denies affair with entrepreneur

Pooja has come upon an agreement with her father. That he has to find a perfect match for Pooja by June this year, failing which she would
concentrate on her acting career for not less than two years.

Yes, this is an unwritten agreement between me and my dad. Since he has been insisting me to marry soon, I have given him time till June to zero in on a suitable bridegroom. Otherwise, I would focus more on acting,” says Pooja.

Saying she is at present unable to concentrate more on cinema, the actress elaborates, “this is mainly because my family members are living in various parts of the world and I have to take care of them. Hence I am shuttling between India, Sri Lanka and other places.”

Denying reports that she was in love with an entrepreneur, Pooja says, “they are mere rumours. You could understand this from the fact that I had asked my dad to find a lifepartner for me. I am always my parents’ child and they know what works for me and what not.”


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