Pooja Gandhi

Pooja goes nude for Kannada film

Pooja Gandhi

Actress Pooja Gandhi has reportedly gone ‘nude’ for her upcoming Kannada film titled Tandupalya. Readers might recall pretty Sanjana alias Pooja Gandhi who starred opposite Karan in Kokki a few years back and opposite ‘action king’ Arjun in Tiruvannamalai some time back. She plays the lead role in the afore-said Kannada language film.

Pooja has already starred in many Kannada films and is one of the frontline actresses in Sandalwood. Tandupalya is directed by Srinivasa Raju who appreciated Pooja’s thorough professionalism in starring in the nude sequences without throwing any starry airs. “I have directed many romantic stories in the past and decided to make a crime story and titled it as Tandupalya.

“The script is based on a real life incident and is about a gangster who indulged in serial killing. When the police rounded up a gang, a girl by name Lakshmi was part of the gang. The police then tortured Lakshmi in the most indescribable manner which I have taken up as the theme of my film. I collected all the information about the gang by meeting and talking to members of the gang lodged in Belgaum prison.

“I then narrated the story to Pooja; I told her that she might have to smoke and appear nude for a particular sequence. She said she needed some time to think over it. After about three weeks, she said she was willing to star in the film. We shot the nude sequence recently; only the Unit members were there at the sets when the sequence was filmed. Pooja has done a great job by agreeing to star in the sequence in particular and in the film in general,” says Raju.


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