Pooja Gandhi’s Dandupalya is now Karimedu in Tamil

Pooja Gandhi in Karimedu
Pooja Gandhi in Karimedu

The hit and controversial Kannada film Dandupalya is now coming to Tamil in its dubbed version and has been titled as Karimedu. Dandupalya was in the news for more than one reason and met with stiff resistance from various groups in Karnataka prior to and during its release.

Some organizations had even sought a ban on the film’s release but the film finally released and became a hit film. The script of the film is based on a real-life incident. Dandupalya, a hamlet off Bangalore, was the base of a robber gang which indulged in murders and concentrated on women residing at Bangalore, Mandya and Mysore. From 1999 to 2001, more than 500 such murders took place.

The gang’s modus operandi was like this: they would first identify a particular family, watch the movements of the members of the family and would take their time in striking. Their ‘method of striking’ included killing the inmates and running away with cash and jewels. As many as 16 such robbers were sentenced to death while many of them have received life sentences.

Still, the tag of ‘robbers’ is stuck with Dandupalya and its residents. The village, which has more than 5,000 residents, is still not able to mingle with the rest of the State. The film picturized all these events in detail and had Pooja and Raghu Mukherjee essaying lead roles. Pooja’s ‘semi-nude’ pictures created a huge row as the film was dubbed into Telugu and did a fairly good business.

Karimedu Movie Stills

Let’s see how Karimedu fares at the box-office.


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