Pony Verma Speaks On Prakash Raj

Pony Verma on Prakash Raj
Lalitha Kumari, Prakash Raj and Pony verma

The versatile actor Prakash Raj is due to marry choreographer Pony Verma whom he has been dating for the past 2 years.

Pony Verma, has recently told that he has never seen a human being as good as Prakash Raj.

Speaking about Prakash Raj, Pony Verma said, “My marraige will take place with Prakash Raj, but the date will not be in June as reported by the media. Since we both are busy with our work,we do not intend to tie the knot now.”

“I have never seen a human being as good as him. His such good character drew me towards Prakash Raj“, she added.

Prakash Raj who has recently remade the film Abhiyum Naanum in Kannada and directed it held an exclusive screening of this film for the media. Pony Verma was also present at the event by Prakash’s side.

When Prakash Raj was questioned about his relationship with Pony Verma, he said, “I have not done any thing that should not be done. I have got my divorce. Again romance has blossomed in my life. There is nothing wrong in me coming with her.”

It is worth mentioning here that Pony Verma has been the choreographer for Prakash Raj’s movies Velli Thirai and Abhiyum Naanum.

Prakash Raj was previously married to Lalitha Kumari and recently got divorced in an out of the court settlement in 2009.


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