Anbu Chezhiyan

Police on the look-out for Anbu Chezhiyan in Madurai

 Anbu Chezhiyan
Anbu Chezhiyan

It is reported that a special team of Chennai Police, which is attempting to track the whereabouts of producer-financier Anbu Chezhiyan, has landed up in Madurai after it received information that Chezhiyan was in the temple city.

43-year old associate producer Ashok Kumar’s demise by way of suicide (he was also the brother-in-law of actor-director-producer M. Sasikumar) a few weeks back shook up the whole of Kollywood after Kumar left a suicide note squarely blaming Anbu and the usurious lending in practice in Kollywood forcing him to take the extreme step of ending his own life.

Valasaravakkam Police in Chennai filed cases against Anbu Chezhiyan for abetting Ashok Kumar’s suicide. Anbu reportedly went underground on 21st November. Last week, a couple of his assistants were nabbed by the police who found out that Anbu was actually in Madurai.

After Anbu’s assistants told the police that he had been undergoing treatment at a private hospital in Madurai to treat his spinal cord, the special team set up to nab Chezhiyan has rushed to Madurai to locate and arrest him.


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