Piaa replies to critics


Piaa the heroine of Goa, Tamil Padam and Recently released Bale Pandiyaa popularity has grown here in the south inspite of the UP Model having starred in commercials including one with Amitabh Bachchan for Cadbury’s and one with Mahendra Singh Dhoni for Sonata.The Actress believes success to be the result of a number of factors such as hard work, sincerity and and careful selection of films.

Piaa is who is now busy with K V Anand’s Ko in which she is the second heroine, says“I believe one must pay attention to the films one chooses to be a part of. For, people remember you from your last film. So, even if you choose one wrong movie, then, all the good work that you have done so far gets undone. In fact, that is why I’m choosing my projects very carefully.”

The actress, who has told by many critics to come out of stereotyped role and outfits, says she does not want to be stereotyped and is therefore looking to do a variety of roles to establish her versatility.

I want to do different roles that will present different facets. I’m now looking at stories that will have a rural backdrop. I’m looking for an image makeover. I think I have done quite a few urban girl roles and now, I want to play the role of a typical Tamil girl in the rural areas,”


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