Piaa cant tolerate her on-screen death in KO

Piaa Bajpai

Mumbai-based Piaa Bajpai was recently spotted sobbing uncontrollably after watching the ‘special screening’ of her latest film ‘Ko’. The reason being the death of the character Saro that she plays in the film! “The movie was so gripping that for once I forgot that it was the death of a fictitious character. Director Anand Sir and the rest of the actors consoled me and controlled my sobbing,” recalls Piaa.

She brushes aside the criticism from some quarters that Piaa looked too ‘sexy and glamourous’ to be seriously taken as a journalist, which is her character in the film. “I beg to differ on this count. Actually, the media and the world of reporters have been undergoing great transformation in the pat few years and in this backdrop, I think my look (in the film) was just perfect.

“I have a great fascination for the typical Tamil woman’s dress of paavadai-dhaavani, complete with the red, round bind on the forehead, not to forget to mention the jasmine flowers that almost hide the back of the hair!,” says Piaa and adds that she would love to play a typical village girl’s role in one of her future films as such a role would entail her to be seen in the above-said appearance.

Piaa, who sports an hour-glass figure like most heroines from across the Vindhyas, says that she won’t hesitate to put on swim-suit or do a lip-lock sequences in her films if the script warrants so. “As far as my idea is concerned, those sequences are not taboo for me; I’m okay with them provided these sequences appear just normal and don’t seem to have been ‘imposed’ in the script for the thrill of it.

Piaa is thrilled at all the accolades pouring in at her doorstep ever since ‘Ko’ hit the screens last week and credits Anand to whatever fame and name she is getting for her role in the film. As a parting shot, Piaa lets out a small secret: she would soon be making her Bollywood debut as heroine in a big banner film opposite a leading hero. “Details would be made available soon,” says an excited Piaa.


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