Pia Bajpai has reasons to smile


The Goa actress Pia Bajpai has never failed to impress with her looks but she is delighted with the positive response which has been pouring in.

She was very excited and remarked, “I’m really overwhelmed. Especially with the compliments that are coming my way from those who have witnessed my work in K V Anand’s KO which also features Jeeva and Karthika.”

The actress reportedly is particularly pleased with the way her character has shaped up in the film and according to her the credit, goes to several people that includes her director K V Anand and her scriptwriters Suresh and Bala who have became good friends during the shooting.

In fact, after watching her performance in the film, the writers of the movie commented, “We created this character using our imagination, but the way Pia has done this character has made us fall in love with it.”

That’s a good complement surely.

Pia also shared a piece of advice she received from K V Anand. “He told me during this film that I may become a star in the future but very rarely would I get a character like the one that I’d been offered in this film. Take it for granted, people will love you even more after your role in Ko.”

Well, it seems everyone is confident by the way she has carried off her role. We have to wait till the movie releases to really know how much of it is true.



  1. Vasin

    Poi solla mudyala! I would start with locking lips; just for one minute; then straight to kiss her ‘there’; inhale her; then….

  2. Vasin

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