Photo shoot of Vijay-AR Murugadoss film Maalai Nera Mazhai Thuli kicks off

Vijay AR Murugadoss film photoshoot

The much-awaited film which would star Vijay in the lead and directed by A.R. Murugadoss finally got rolling not with the commencement of the shooting schedule but with the photo-shoot. The photo-shoot was done by ace cinematographer Santosh Sivan, who has also made a name for himself as a film-maker with substance.

Sivan, who has worked in Maniratnam’s films such as ‘Roja’ and superstar Rajinikanth-starrer ‘Thalapathi’, shot for the photo-shoot recently. This would be the first time that Santosh would be working as cinematographer for a film starring Vijay in the lead. Popular Kingfisher model Angela Johnson has reportedly been signed up to play Vijay’s heroine in the film.

The film has been tentatively titled as ‘Maalai Nera Mazhai Thuli’ and might be changed as the film progresses. It’d be a joint production venture and would be produced by Vijay’s father S.A. Chandrasekaran and Ravichandran of Ascar Films, who has just completed producing Vijay’s upcoming film ‘Velayudham’. The film is likely to go to the floors in the fourth week of this month.

After he finishes Murugadoss’ film, Vijay might start work on Seeman’s film, it is said.



  1. Smile

    Vijaya kadavul pole depict panni kadavuleiya asingapaduthitanga.Andha kaduppule naan erukkean.Enakku innum aathiram adangale.Indha movie flop aaga.Enakkum Murugadoss mela endha varuthamum illai…..but only if few of his movies flop will his idiotic fans learn a lesson….

  2. ht

    Smile .. I am very sad  reading yr comment..Its not vj’s fault he was depicted as god. Its his over zealous fans. Vj himself had warned his fans not to do that again and had requested the posters to be removed immediatedly.

    Why curse vj when the fault is with some ppl.

    Innum padame start pannele, so fast you are cursing his movie shud flop… Paavum vj, paavum murugadoss…paavum the producers…

    I think we shud not blame the actor/actress for the unruly behaviours of the fan…

  3. Smile

    @ht….I am sorry.I am not meaning Vijay but if a lesson has to be taught to his blind fans,I think a few of Vijay’s films should crash at the box office.Appodhan adanguvanga.I don’t curse anyone but I am a very pious person.I’ll not take it if my Gods are insulted…. 🙁

  4. kh

    @smile thats his stupid fans doing it so no need to say u want vijays films to crash. rajinis fans did stupid finks when he was in hospital. so wt do u hve to say abut this?

  5. SMS

    u can point only one disadvantage about surya is ht agree.. but abt vijay say one gud thing other than his dance.. he he..

  6. Smile

    Rajini is a respectable person.He is nice as a person.Very down to earth.He is not faking like a good person.So people love and respect him.What they did for Rajini was out of their love for him.But did they portray him as God?

  7. Reply to u

    15 student complete their eng. degree and 5 of them place in IT. 146 orphanage got life. 3  got heart surgeory and they are now alive, 1  perosn belongs to ragava lawrence. many people live in his shadow. he give life to many tamilian, not to kanadian or malayali i think who i meaning. our people support hero from  other state only and lives like slave to them.

  8. ht

    Hi Smile…in that case are u saying Vijay is not a respectable person and  not a nice person.

    Through some close associates who know vj personally , I came to know that he is a down to earth person and he is quite a genuine guy who sincerely help ppl. It was a equally famous actor who mentioned this and he knows vj personally and his family. I m sorry I cant mention names here for reasons known to me alone.

    When he does charity he announces and make it known to every1, some ppl dont like it but due to his interest in politics he may be doing it. I think even a normal ppl would do smtg to attract attention to themself for a purpose..

    WHat has vj done that does not earn him the ppl’s love and respect like Rajini? Rajini does not have interest in politics so there is no other hype for him except acting. Unlike VJ, beside acting his Makkal Iyakum is active in charity and political activities.

    As I mentioned earlier, its crazy fan who depicited vj as god which he himself castigated .
    So I dont think we shud blame him. and want his movies to flop. Even when his movies flop , I dont think his fans will leave him bcoz the last few movies HAD flopped and yet they are supporting and encouraging him.

    So my dear, i m also a pious person, I was also was not pleased with the photos, but I was not angry with VJ, I was angry with the crazy fans who go overboard…

    Hope you will change yr opinion on VJ and not take yr anger at him!  Chillax…chillax..chillax 🙂

  9. kh

    @ smile u had dinner with rajini to say he is a very nice person and respectable person. stop ur crap man. its vijays fans nt him who potrayed him as a god.

  10. ht

    VJ  has gr8 screen chemistry, his acting is simple, gr8 diologue delivery(watch thirupatchi), excellent dancer, fighter, and he can sing! He can act  in action,romance and full length comical roles. WHAT MORE DO U NEED IN AN ACTOR…!

    Surya : ok maybe he is good looking, but kulan and he has to pump up muscles to 6px to attract gals,( VJ has lady fans w/o 6px) Surya over acts, its very obvious, he cant dance, he cant sing, he cant do comical roles. he ‘s got too serious a face for comical role, and Anuksha looked like aunty for him in Singham as she was way too tall for him unlike for VJ she matched  perfectly  in Vettaikaran.

    Need I say more …..bye 

  11. mm

    Dei yevanum entha actors pathiyum thappa pesa venam, ava avan velaiya patha pothum. Thevai illamala mathavangala thappa pesuratha nirunthangada, unaku pidichuruntha avara pathi pugazhnthu pesu, unaku pidikkailaina avara pathi yethuvume pesatha, atha unaku nallathu. Nalla manushana iruntha nan solratha purichuppan!!!!! 🙂

  12. Muni

    dai SMS, shut ur mouth & _____ , as said by mm, ht and others “Thevai illamala mathavangala thappa pesuratha nirunthangada, unaku pidichuruntha avara pathi pugazhnthu pesu, unaku pidikkailaina avara pathi yethuvume pesatha, atha unaku nallathu. Nalla manushana iruntha nan solratha purichuppan!!!!! <img style=”background-color: #eceff5; color: #3a3a3a; font-family: ‘Lucida grande’, Tahoma, Verdana, Arial; font-size: 11px; line-height: 16px; text-align: left;” src=”” title=”Smile” border=”0″ alt=”Smile”/>”  

    got it?

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