Phoonk 2 as Bommai 2 in Tamil on April 9- Win Rs 5,00,000 by watching it alone in a theatre

Phoonk2 Bommai 2

Ram Gopal Varma’s forthcoming horror film Phoonk 2, a sequel to his 2008 film Phoonk, will be released simultaneously in three languages as Phoonk 2 in Hindi, Aahawam in Telugu, and Bommai 2 in Tamil on April 9. Varma is planning to release it in a large number of screens, as Phoonk was a big hit.

The director claimed that Phoonk 2 is scarier than Phoonk and said that the person who can watch the film alone without getting scared can win Rs. 500,000. “I am sure Phoonk 2 is very, very scary and I am sure no one would leave the theatre without getting scared. So we will do a contest under some scientific observation.”

“Someone who says he accepts the challenge and thinks he won’t be scared while watching the film will be shown Phoonk 2 in a theatre alone. He will be attached to an ECG machine to monitor his heartbeat and the machine will be connected to a screen outside the hall. If his heart beat stays normal, he will win Rs. 500,000,” the director said.


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