Paul the Octopus-Best Discovery of FIFA 2010

Paul the OctopusHe is an octopus who lives in a German aquarium. Before a range of World Cup games he was presented with two boxes, each containing a treat and the flags of the competing teams. And he correctly picked the winner’s box eight times, including Spain’s against the Netherlands in today’s final. The brilliant octopus finishes the World Cup with a perfect record, and as many correct picks as legs.

The precious prognosticator made two final World Cup picks on Friday, putting his hard-earned credibility on the line in a bold gambit.

The generous genius predicted that Germany will conquer Uruguay in the tournament’s third-place game on Saturday, and he picked Spain over the Netherlands in the final on Sunday — the first non-German game the majestic mollusk has ever predicted.

Unluckily for Paul, he also predicted Germany would lose to Spain, and the octopus has been subjected to death threats after his prediction came true

Throw him in the frying pan,” said a Berlin newspaper,Just before Spain’s 1-0 win on Sunday for the world soccer title, Paul was offered state protection by Spain Prime Minister Jose Zapatero.

“I am concerned for the octopus … I am thinking of sending him a protective team,” said Zapatero on Spanish radio.

Zapatero and other Spanish politicians are concerned that Paul may die at the hands of disgruntled German fans who stated singing anti-Octopus songs after the loss to Spain.

What was the reaction to the octopus back in India,
Fans of the Netherlands team staged a protest in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, against the psychic ‘Octopus Paul’ for predicting their favourite team’s defeat in the World Cup final.



  1. Anonymous

    Dey lussu, its only a octupus in euro 2008 it got some of the prediction wrong, so this just luck for it. dont protest for that, waste. let see if it predicts next time, if it does then genuie

  2. Anonymous

    seriously, the octopus doesn't think and do this…it is instinct…he went into it simply because it was closer! geezzzzz..

    people are WAYYYYYYYYYY more stupid than non-living things..

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