Pathetic titles of Tamil films over the years


Imagine this: an upcoming film has been titled as Un Bodhaikku Naan Oorugavaa? The trend of naming films in a manner totally unconnected with the script or the storyline has been there for the past many years. Later, the trend of naming films after the first few lines of a popular song caught up and spread all across the country in various languages.

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In the nineties, the trend of naming films after the name of the character played by the hero caught up in a big way. In fact, the legendary MGR started this trend in the sixties and seventies (remember Maattukkaara Velan?) and superstar Rajinikanth continued this trend in a highly successful manner which was later ‘taken over’ by heroes such as Vijayakanth, Sarathkumar, Vijay and others.

The past is littered with odd titles such as Idhudhaanda Police, Evana Irundha Enakkenaa, Enga MLA Varattum, Engae Ponalum Udhaippaen, etc. Titles in the form of verbal abuses such as ‘Idiot’ and ‘Rascal’ then followed before the Censors intervened and arrested the trend. Even now, the titles of many upcoming films that have been registered with the Producers’ Council would make us lose our hair!

Some time back, Dayanidhi (son of Union Minister Azhagiri) produced a film titled Vaa Quarter Cutting which unmistakably refers to the cheap manner in which the locals refer to a ‘peg’ of drink/liquor. As if attempting to beat the film’s title, an upcoming film has been titled as Un Bodhaikku Naan Oorugavaa? What the makers attempt to achieve through this title is anybody’s guess, which is nothing but cheap publicity!

The film is being directed by Chintamani Kasinathan and stars a horde of newcomers.


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