Pathayiram Kodi

Pathayiram Kodi shoots in Pune

Pathayiram Kodi

The film Pathayiram Kodi is a spoof on Bond movies.It has Dhruv and Madalsha in lead roles with comedian Vivekh playing a CBI sleuth.the film is meant to be a laugh-a-thon claims director Muktha Sundar.

The crux of the story is Vivekh being fooled by college kids who steal cash and jewels worth Rs.10,000 from a rich woman and are chased by the police and the regular goons who too want a bite in the pie. Recently Pathayiram Kodi had one of its song shoots done in Pune. The lead pair danced to the tunes of composer Manoj with the shots being canned by Rajkumar.Choreographing the sequence were Ramu Balaji and Ramesh Reddy under the direction of Sundar. The film has a huge ensemble cast namely Chandru,‘Cell’ Murugan, Madan Bob, ‘Alva’ Vasu, Thyagu, Nattu, Nellai Siva, Sivanarayanamurthy and Gokul from Ambuli 3D.Director Sundar shot the duet number with his leads Dhruv and Madalsha in Mahabaleshwar, located 120 km southwest of Pune, bound by valley on all sides.Mahabaleshwar is also the source of Krishna River that flows all the way from Maharashtra to Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.Alongwith the picturesque duet number the director has ensured that there are enough comedy sequences involving Vivek but none will be revealed until the film makes it to the halls.


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