Pasupathy hero in SMS Nagar

Pasupathy returns as hero in SMS Nagar

Pasupathy hero in SMS Nagar

For some reasons, actor Pasupathy hasn’t been seen much on big-screen nowadays. His last major release was the film Kuselan, which had superstar Rajinikanth starring in a guest role lasting 20-25 minutes. Though Pasupathy was the hero of the film, the film got publicized as a ‘Rajini film’ but disappointed Rajini’s fans to a great extent as they couldn’t watch their idol in action for the entire film.

Pasupathy then starred in Vedigundu Murugesan which ran reasonably well at the box-office due to the film’s theme as well as some hilarious comic sequences involving Vadivelu. The talented actor is now looking forward to the theatrical release of director Vasanthabalan’s Aravaan wherein he has played a significant role.

In order to prepare himself for his character in the period flick Aravaan, Pasupathy got into rigorous exercising mode to develop his physique. He has also said to have grown huge moustache and beard for the role which he believes would put him back into the reckoning as a character actor. He is confident his fans would love him to see in this role.

Of late, he has been acting in more Malayalam films than in Tamil. Says Pasupathy: “I always wanted to do meaningful and interesting roles in Malayalam films. The film Madurai Bus, which is in the making, has a character which I very much loved playing. I play a jail bird in this film which is sort of a ‘road film’. The film is likely to be released soon.”

He is also set to play one of the two heroes in a film titled SMS Nagar which is to be launched in December. The film, whose script is based on North Chennai, is likely to be directed by Lakshmikanthan.


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