Pasupathy counts a lot on Aravaan


Pasupathy is undoubtedly one of the few actors in Kollywood who could take on any kind of role and do full justice to the character. The balding actor, who debuted in Kamal Haasan’s ‘Virumaandi’ a few years back, is said to be eyeing the coveted ‘national award for best actor’ for the past few years.

This aim or ambition has obviously pruned down the number of films that Pasupathy is signing up. He is rejecting more film offers than he is accepting. A self-proclaimed fan of director Bala, Pasupathy has gone on record stating that if he is offered a role in the director’s next film, he is ready to star in the film without getting a single ‘rupee’ as his payment!

Vasanthabalan’s ‘Aravaan’ happens to be the solitary film that Pasupathy has on hand at present. Very different from the rest of the pack, Pasupathy is said to be of the firm belief that merely earning money by starring in many films is not the ‘right’ thing and that an actor has to be ‘honest’ in accepting or rejecting roles that are offered to him/her.

Pasupathy has rejected the scripts of many first-timers and veteran directors in Kollywood, stating that he wasn’t impressed by those stories. This hasn’t gone down well with those who were at the receiving end. Not bothering much about it, Pasupathy firmly believes that he would get ‘busy’ once ‘Aravaan’ releases as his role is a ‘powerful’ one.

The fact of the matter, though, is that the film might take a few more months to be completed!


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