Parvathy Menon

Parvathy Menon speaks up against male chauvinism in industry

Parvathy Menon
Parvathy Menon

Parvathy Menon, the actress who romanced national award-winning actor Dhanush in the non-starter Maryan a few years back, has spoken up against the prevailing trend of ‘male chauvinism’ in the industry and in all spheres of life in Indian society.

“Irrespective of an actress’ performance, invariably the hero gets paid more in films in all languages, which is a clear proof of the gender bias,” Parvathy, who debuted in Tamil films with Sasi’s Poo as a 19-year old teenager in 2008, has said. It may be recalled that Parvathy had shocked the Malayalam and Tamil film industries a few weeks back by talking openly about the culture of producers (wanting to) bed actresses in exchange of film offers to star in their films.

“Though the heroine put in as much hard work as the hero if not more, it is the hero who gets paid the most. Why does this bias exist? I played the lead role in Take Off but was paid less as compared to male actors,” says Parvathy,

“Even in comic sequences in films, only women and transgender are ridiculed the most while no scriptwriter pens dialogues ridiculing males; this kind of bias is stinking,” Parvathy concludes.


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