Parthibans ex wife Seetha marries Sathish Hindi TV Actor

Actress Seetha entered the wedlock for the second time. Seetha tied the knot with her longtime beau and TV actor Sathish at a private ceremony in Chennai, which was attended by her parents and relatives.

Seetha and Satish have been living together for a long time, and they got married at Seetha’s residence in Saligramam in their presence of parents.

The actress, who married actor-director Parthiban, more than a decade ago, got divorce following difference of opinion. From then, she has been concentrating on her acting career again, by playing pivotal roles in television serials.

A Family photo captured a decade ago

The couple Seetha-Parthiban have two daughters Abhinaya, Keerthana and an adopted son Radhakrishna. The elder daughter Abhinaya is living with Seetha while the youngest one Keerthana and son Radhakrishna are living with Parthiban.

Close circles say, “The initial friendship turned into love and duo decided to take the relationship to life-time bond.With the blessings of elders, they are a happy couple now.”

Says Seetha on her second marriage, “I am happy about my life. Sathish is a gentleman who understands me and cares for me a lot. A woman should be in the company of a man in her life for many reasons. Sathish is a nice companion.”



  1. Sathish

    hey Kid..<span>do u think all step moms  have love in against children who are from first marriage,,.if u think so u r wrong.. i ve seen lots of tep moms ill treating ..

  2. tamilgirl


    There are lots of people around who want to protect culture. What is culture when there is no respect for human rights and basic love essentials? A culture that does not respect people is a culture not to be respected. May Seeta be praised for having the courage to seek love and a second chance at marriage, then some ladies who are defeated by accepting and tolerating their loveless life.

  3. tamilgirl

    Sita is a role model. To find love again and having a chance to remarry to lead a happy life, age or marriageable aged children should not matter. It is the courage and attitude to excel in love and life that matters that goes down very well with the children. If any elders want to have a second or third or whatever number of shot at marriage and love (especially when their previous ones were a failure), I will encourage and give them my utmost respect. It shows that they stand up to life, and not accept defeat. Some Indians are nevertheless, the reason for the backwardness in India.

  4. culturedgirl

    Each one has their own sentiments, and would want to live life according to their wishes! Those who pay heed to others and culture (culture changes according to times and phases in life… dont forget there was kamasutra culture in the ancient times too) will have no time and energy to pay heed to their own sentiments! They will be living for others and not for their lives!

  5. Vasin

    Seetha is a sexy, brave, attractive and articulate lady. She can marry anyone; even boys who are 20 years younger than her; ; she can marry even if she is fat; even if she is 65; have a lot of sex Seetha. Congratualations and Best Wishes.

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