Parthiban walks out of Bharathiraja film

Parthiban walks out of Bharathiraja’s Annakkodiyum Kodiveeranum

Parthiban walks out of Bharathiraja film

Hardly a couple of days back, the press was full of quotes by actor-director Parthiban who sounded mighty excited about playing the lead role in director Bharathiraja’s upcoming film titled Annakkodium Kodiveeranum (AK). He had gone on record saying that his role in the film was a ‘very important one’ in his career and that he felt fortunate and proud to have been signed up by Bharathiraja to play this particular role.

In his interviews a few months back, veteran director Bharathiraja had said that AK would be his ‘dream’ project and that he would leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the film shaped up very well. It is in this context that Parthiban’s announcement that he is opting out of the film comes as a shock to many of his fans.

Reports say that Parthiban was to play dual roles in the film, which also has Iniya of Vaagai Sooda Vaa fame playing a significant role. Parthiban was in fact spotted toning up his body by hitting the gym regularly and growing a tough-looking moustache in order to prepare himself for his role(s) in the film. The film would soon be launched in Madurai with the first schedule to be shot in and around Madurai.

In a brief statement, Parthiban has simply said that he was ‘opting out’ of the film AK. He has further added in his typical style that there may be reasons for his quitting the film but all what he has to say may not be the ‘reasons’.

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