Parthiban to remake his debut ‘Puthiya Pathai’

parthiban in puthiya pathai

Parthiban is set to remake his debut film ‘Puthiya Pathai’ which gave him a tremendous opening to the film industry. Parthiban played the role of hero, story and direction in the film ‘Puthiya Pathai’. Sita shared the screen with Parthiban for the film. Parthiban loved Sita and married her in real life also. At present they both are living separate.

‘Puthiya Pathai’ got a national award to its credit. Parthiban has decided to remake ‘Puthiya Pathai’. After a long gap, Parthiban at present is directing and acting in a film ‘Vithagan’. The opposite lead for the film ‘Vithagan’ is played by Poorna.

News come out that, Parthiban would concentrate in the ‘Puthiya Pathai’ remake. In the remake he would be just concentrating in the direction part alone and the lead role will be played by some other hero.


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  1. Venkat

    Parthiban lacks creativity . so he plans for the remake .. and feels it is safe.. Survival.. Nothing wrong.. but he is not in the industry for such a long time to remake his movie..He is yet to prve himself first.:-))

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