Parthiban Speaks on Upcoming Vithagan-wholesome commercial film with action

Parthiban and Poornima starrer upcoming film ‘Vithagan’ shooting is going on at rapid pace. While speaking to the media,  on Vithagan the director cum hero of the film Parthiban spoke “A police officer has lot of restrictions than a prisoners in the jail. Restrictions  in the sense he has to shoot a person only below the knee and even for that he has to take special orders, and so and so. But in Vithagan, this police officer does not  follow these rules. He carries out  encounters without taking permission. This police officer is  Vithagan. Nobody  can do anything against this police man. Why? That is the story of this film. But this alone is not the film.

If you watch the film after release you will be able to understand  why i am saying so. In the assembly of Jesus, one can be forgiven for the sins or crime they commit but in the assembly of Vithagan nobody is forgiven for their crimes.

I’ve earlier donned the role of a police man in Abhimanyu and Ulle Veliye. Not only me, many actors have also donned the role of a police officer but Vithagan is different.

If I go on to tell the difference, you will lose the interest. The romance of this police man will also be interesting and matured. Many are asking me whether this is an action film, if I say yes, you will think of the other action films which are registered in your mind. If I say no, then there is also a chance of people thinking that this is an art film.

This film is a wholesome commercial film with action. There are fight scenes in this film but there will not be any  flying fighting scenes. I have given opportunity for women more than 33 % in this film. The reason for the delay of this film is not me nor the producer. I commenced this film with full script but I fell sick due to Chicun gunya for a month’s time.

As of now  93% of the shooting is over. Only 7 % is left out to be shot. Whenever producer Seventh Channel Manickam asks me complete this, I will complete it. Talks are going now for me to act in two films and also to direct two films which will have other heroes in the lead role.”


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