Parthiban condemns Maniratnam

Parthiban signs up Iniya for his upcoming project

Parthiban next film

Some time back, actor-director Parthiban was signed up by ace film-maker and veteran Bharathiraja to play the lead role in his upcoming film Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum (AK). Just a few days before the film was launched in Theni, Parthiban was replaced by another director-actor Ameer in an unceremonious manner which left him bitter and feeling dejected.

As it was Bharathiraja who is widely respected and hardly spoken against, Parthiban didn’t react much to this and merely said that he came to know that he was out of the film only after reading newspaper reports. Bharathiraja ‘screen-tested’ Parthiban, who has been in the industry now for more than two decades, and did some photo-shoots with him before dumping him for Ameer.

As if to retaliate against Bharthiraaja, Parthiban is said to have prepared a typical ‘village script’ in no time. He is likely to use the same stills which Bharathiraja shot with him prior to replacing him by Ameer in AK. Parthiban says that as those photographs were shot at his expenses and by his ideas, he needn’t seek anybody’s permission to use those stills for his upcoming film.

Parthiban is also likely to cast Iniya, heroine of AK, as his heroine.


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