Parotta Suri

Parotta Suri hopes to make it big in Kollywood

Parotta Suri

Remember Suri, who has starred in films such as Vennila Kabadikuzhu, Kullanari Kootam and Poraali? The actor has become very busy in recent times and is buoyed by the fact that he managed to win the ‘best comedian’ award for his role in Sasikumar’s Poraali in the recently-concluded Tamil Film Festival in Norway. He is also happy to have been part of films like Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai and Vaagai Sooda Vaa, which won awards under various categories.

Vennila…, whose script was based on the traditional Tamil sport of Kabaddi, had Suri playing a significant role and his ‘parotta’ comedy was appreciated by many. “For any artiste, the appreciation by the audiences and fans ought to be his/her ‘most treasured’ award,” says Suri and adds that he hoped to become a leading comedian in Tamil films in the near future,

“I have been graduating, albeit slowly, from one among 3-4 comedians in a film to playing the friend of the hero. This is quite an achievement for an actor like me. I have films such as Manankothiparavai by Ezhil, Thulli Vilaiyadu by Vincent Selvaa, Paagan by Aslam, Sundarapandiyan by Sasikumar and a few other films starring ‘Jayam’ Ravi and Vimal. I also have Rasu Mathuravan’s Mikeset Pandi, Rajkumar’s Parkanum Pola Irukku and a few other films.

“I feel I can excel in roles like hero’s friend wherin I can appear throughout the film and exhibit whatever talent I have to others. I have got such roles in some of the aforesaid films for which I remain thankful to all my directors,” says an excited Suri.


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