Tamannah Ramcharan

Pair-up opposite Tamanna to get married in real life!

Tamannah Ramcharan

Without she being aware of it, dazzling beauty Tamannaah has been acquiring the tag of a ‘lucky’ actress for unmarried heroes. The incidents of the past few years show that whichever bachelor hero gets to pair up opposite Tamannaah gets married in real life soon after the release of his film opposite Tamannaah. The new mantra for heroes appears to be to pair up opposite Tamannaah to get married soon (to their brides, of course!).

Tamannaah starred in last year’s super-hit film Siruthai opposite Karthi and the non-starter Venghai opposite Dhanush and then moved over to Tollywood. She is literally being flooded with offers to star opposite almost all the young heroes in Telugu films. Her latest Telugu film Rachcha opposite Ram Charan Teja, which released a few weeks back, has been running to full-houses all over the State of Andhra Pradesh.

Tollywood’s megastar Chiranjeevi even remarked that he’d love to pair up opposite her in his 150th film which hasn’t yet been finalized. Tamannaah is also found to be a lucky mascot for unmarried heroes who get married soon in real life after pairing up opposite her in films. Even Tamannaah was heard saying proudly about her ‘luck’ factor which results in bachelor heroes tying the nuptial know once they star opposite her in films.

Kollywood’s Karthi, Tollywood’s Jr. NTR and Allu Arjun are a few cases who got married soon after their respective films opposite Tamannaah hit the screens. The latest addition to the list is Ram Charan Teja who starred opposite her in the recent hit film Rachcha. As it turns out, Ram Teja is likely to get married in June to Upasana.

Tamannaah sure has got something about her which helps her co-stars in a big way!


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