Padmashree Kamal-Balachander Bond

The relationship between K. Balachander and Padmashree Kamal Haasan challenges classification. Director-actor, mentor-protégé, father-son… all those lines have been blurred in the decades that they’ve known each other, creating a bond that’s unique and unconditional

Balachander recently said “From babyhood to childhood, from adolescence to youth, from manhood to middle age, I have been part of this magician’s life…Yes, I own Kamal. Yet, he does not belong to me — he belongs to the world of cinema.

Kamal has evolved into everything that I have dreamt he would be. Indeed, I should never be surprised by anything he achieves, yet I am constantly amazed

It is often argued that had he been born abroad, he would have won the Oscar many times over.

Maybe. But I do not subscribe to that opinion. He would never have done either the quality or the quantity of roles that he has played.

A few Oscars maybe. But what value are a few Oscars in front of the adulation and warmth of a billion smiles and the awe and respect of a billion salutes? I have never ceased to be amazed by the limits and standards he sets (for) himself — standards that nobody else imagines even exists!

I have long since lost the taste, appetite and hunger for personal applause. All I wish for now is to hear the applause, the cheers, the trumpets and the music singing (praises of) Kamal Haasan’s genius,”



  1. Kumar

    Even after reaching stardom of unique stature, Kamal shows tremendous humility in terms of respect he has/had for people whom he adores like Sivaji, Nagesh, Ananthu, KB, Vaali, Manorma etc. On the other hand, Rajini also displays respect for the people he adores like Cho, Vairamuthu, KB etc. This is missing in the younger generation of heroes except for Surya and Jayam Ravi. Unless one has humility and respect for elder people one would not be respected at later stage.

  2. amudhan

    If only Tamil cinema is one's universe,then he is a universal Hero.

    Please watch World cinema and then give title to someone who deserves that.

  3. amudhan

    Both Rajini and kamal are good humans ,thats why they are still in stardom.

    But why rajini became superstar is due to his sheer original style and acting though kamal has given extra-ordinary performance and acting which is inspired

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