Padhinaaru is my best film as Actor: Shiva

Shiva in Pathinaaru
Shiva - Madhu Shalini in Pathinaaru

‘Tamizh Padam’ Shiva gets ready for his next release ‘Padhinaaru’. The affable star, who had worked as a radio jockey prior to plunging into films, is very particular that ‘Padhinaaru’ should fare well at the box-office especially after the not-so-successful showing of his last film ‘Va Quarter Cutting’.

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‘Padhinaaru’ marks the return to action in respect of directir Sababathi, who has made films like ‘Sundarapurushan’, ‘VIP’ and ‘Punnagai Poovae’ in the past. The film has Madhu Shalini, a newcomer as Shiva’s heroine. Shiva, much like the character he played in the successful ‘Tamizh Padam’ early this year, speaks in an ever-so-casual manner.

“I won’t say the usual talk said by heroes on the eve of release of all of their films. Whenever I’m asked about my films, I used to say that it’d be ‘quite boring’. I said the same about ‘Chennai 600 028’ and ‘Tamizhpadam’, which turned out to be highly successful ventures. Having said that, I honestly believe that ‘Padhinaaru’ could actually be the best film of mine as an actor.”, he said.

“All of us do fall in love with girls while in School. Many a time we would wonder as to what could probably have happened to the girl. That sort of love affair could be very thrilling; Sababathy has dealt with one such love affair in ‘Padhinaaru’. Like many others, I too wish him a bright future in Kollywood,” said Shiva and finished his talk with a ‘punch’ in the form of a request to the director to ‘include his photo’ too in the advertisements of the film in the print and television media.


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