Shammu in Paalai movie

Paalai director laments lack of theatres to screen his film

Shammu in Paalai movie

Senthamizhan is the director of the film Paalai which is about to release shortly. The film is set some centuries back and is a period-type flick. Sans any big stars, the film stars Shammu (of Maathi Yosi fame) in the lead role. Despite making a film which speaks about the historically rich traditions of Tamilians, Senthamizhan is somewhat upset about the fact that he hasn’t been getting good number of cinema halls to release his film.

In a letter meant to be released in the print media, Senthamizhan has said that it was really regrettable that when a film as controversial as Dam 999 can get so many theatres for its release (the film’s release has been banned since by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu), his film couldn’t get the minimum requisite number of theatres for its release.

“For some reasons, I couldn’t get a single theatre to release my film. I don’t want to go into the reasons or it. One thing I have learnt in the past fortnight is that the doors open if and only if you have power, authority and money on your side. Otherwise, film-makers like me would have to endure the kind of insult and humiliation heaped on us.

“Among the 1,200-odd theatres in the States, take a survey of how many of these halls run packed-shows on a daily basis. Lakhs of rupees is pumped into each and every hall to ensure that some films ‘run’ in those halls albeit in half-filled or near-empty manner. The money power ensures that films which carry social messages are denied good theatres. I sincerely hope this trend changes soon,” wrote Senthamizhan.


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