Oviya:Malayalam films are boring and uninteresting

Oviya, who gained recognition through a recent hit Kalavani, has recently made a comment that Malayalam films are boring though she hails from God’s own country Kerala.She said that Tamil movies are better than their Malayalam counterparts.

The actress says, “Malayalam films are quite uninteresting and boring and only senior heroines are given their due respect. Malayalam film industry does not treat young actresses well. Tamil films warmly welcome a variety of newcomers and fresh scripts

When asked about the domination of Malayalee girls in Kollywood, Oviya says that while it’s a fact that more Malayalee actresses are in demand in Kollywood, the Malayalm industry respects only the senior artistes (be it male or female) and doesn’t seem to introduce many newcomers as is done in Kollywood.

oviya at movie release

Need to wait what would be the response from Malayalam film industry on this.



  1. Shankar

    There are good movies in all languages. You shouldn't undermine your own language films to get support of other language fans. There may be problem in Malayalee film industry.

  2. Boredom

    "naan nadichi irukaru " she dont even know if shez a he or a she.

    ah homely!! she thinks shez modern?? OMG!! =-O

  3. Boredom

    also 😉  contact lense maati lipstick poota MODERN nu nenapu. hehehe she looks scary with that grey contacts

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