Oscar awards committee denies Rahman’s awards were fixed


The Oscar awards committee has termed as ‘false’ the allegation by Bollywood music director Ismail Durbar that A.R. Rahman‘s twin-Oscar win in 2009 was ‘fixed’. Ismail had alleged some days back that Rahman’s Oscar awards were ‘fixed’ and were ‘purchased’ by the ace musician for a certain sum. Ismail’s allegations have created a huge furure in Bollywood and Kollywood and the rest of the country.

The awards committee, meanwhile, has clarified that though it was nothing new that allegations of ‘fixing’ are made, it is improper for anyone to say that the awards ‘were purchased for a sum’ without any solid proof. “We have no idea about who this Ismail is and are absolutely unaware of as to what source he has in alleging that Rahman ‘purchased’ the awards,” said Danny Melitonian.

He said that the awards committee didn’t take it seriously and therefore didn’t respond to it when the allegations were first made. The awards are decided based on voting and the system is so foolproof that it won’t allow any sort of ‘misdoing’ on the part of any officers involved in the process of selecting the award-winners.

“Except for the two officials who prepare the envelopes containing the names of the award-winners, nobody would be knowing as to who are the award winners; unless they are opened, the envelopes would be in the safe custody of these officials,” he further explained.



  1. usha

    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) has been contemplating to press defamation charges against Darbar for alleging that fellow composer A.R. Rahman had “bought” his Oscar award. According to sources, the AMPAS was contemplating to sue Darbar for $50 million.  
    ithu thaan vaaye koduthu, sootha poonakikarathunu solvanga..    

  2. India

    ithu than namm india…. kevelama irukku intha kammunatti Bollywood music director Ismail Durbar pola sila nayinga irukurathala..india kum ketta peru…makkalukum mariyatha illa…nee ellam yen than uyiroda irukka..sethu poidu… mathavangala pugaza mudiyalana…ellathayum pothikittu irukanum…..atha comment panra thaguthi kuda unakku illa…solla pona intha ismail yarunu bollywood ku than theriyum…but namma thala AR ha Kollywood TO Hollywood varaikum theriyum da kammunatti ismail…

  3. MAD

    super reply, haha, yaaru in tha Ismail Durbur? seriyana kooru kettavan pola irruku, ivannuku oscarna etho kadaiyla poi kassu kudthu vangarathunu ninaichikitu irrukan, ‘ismail un perra kasmayil nu madthiko’ $50 million soothu killiya poguthu..haha

  4. 2 oscar award vangana tamizyan

    bollywood naigalala vangamudiyalayenu kavala than veraenna

    ismail durbar etho oru nayie. andha nayi pecha ketu inda bollywood nainga konjam santhosam adangirukalam anna enikum vaymaiye vellum

    2 oscar award vangana tamizyan

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