On-line survey picks Ajith as youth icon in Tamil Nadu

Ajith Youth Icon

Thala Ajith has been named as the ‘youth icon’ who is loved and adored by several youths. An online survey conducted by popular Tamil weekly ‘Ananda Vikatan‘ during the 40-day period from the third week of June till end-July has revealed that most youths have preferred to vote for Ajith for his disciplined lifestyle and maintaining his dignity.

The survey had asked the youths to name a hero they would love to have as their icon. The choice of actors were Vijay, Ajith, Suriya, Vikram, Simbu, Dhanush, Aarya, Vishal and others. Online surfers were asked to select one particular hero and assign a reason for choosing their favrourite star.

 Among the 63,000-odd votes polled, Ajith managed to sescure 43,300 votes (68%) and has come out on top. He is followed by Vijay in the second spot (18,200 votes) who has secured 28% of the votes polled. Surprisingly enough, Suriya, Kamal Haasan and superstar Rajinikanth have secured less than 500 votes individually.

Vijay was reporedly in the first place within a few days of the launch of the survey. However, word spread fast among Ajith’s fans who flock to the net frequently and it appears that they had voted with a mission to vote out other actors. Ajith’s fans reportedly campaigned by sending SMS messages to their friends and others to vote in favour of Ajith.



  1. Kindal

    “Most of all…eka patni virathans”. Intha Commenta Vaasiththaa Suryavum, Ajithum Kuraintha Patcham Oru Vaaraththukku Aavathu Srippargal. 😀

  2. Vasin

    I think Smile is right but has not stated the important reason. Surya’s sustained physical excellence is a good thing to follow but I am not so sure of his intelligence. Ajith is certainly not single dimensional; his participation in F2 shows his substance. They both have a kind of drive which goes beyond just acting/faking.

  3. Nanban

    “eka patni virathans” Enpathu, Oru Aan thanathu Vazhnaliley Ore Oru Penudan Mattum Uravu Vaiththiruppathu Thaan. I can list the actress here, they both kept. I think that It is not necessary here. *DONT_KNOW*

  4. Smile

    @Nanban…From what i know,Surya loved Jo and he married her.Same for Ajith.Who else was there in their lives??I really don’t know….

  5. Nanban

    @Smile…I am not talking about the Love (both of them had the True Love). I just comment about the “eka patni virathans”. Sila Vishayam Thanneril Mithakkira Ice Cube Mathiri. Thanneukku Meley thirivathaivida, Thannerukku Keley Athigam Irukkum. Sariyaga Puriyaamal Paarppavargal Thannerukku Meley Therivathai Vaiththukkondu, Avvalu thaan Ice ena ninaippargal. Ethil Thannerukku Keley Ullathai Naan Solkiren, Neengal thannerukku Maley Ullathi Solkirergal. However, They are bold people in Love. 🙂

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