Odd titles have become fashionable, says Karan


Actor Karan has opined that naming films with odd and unheard of titles have become quite fashionable today. The actor, who surprised many by choosing to play only the lead roles ever since ‘Kokki’ happened a few years back, was speaking at the audio-launch of the film ‘Ra Ra’ at the Albert Cinema Complex in the city.

Veteran director S.P. Muthuraman took part in the audio-launch and released the audio-cassettes and CDs of the film which was accepted by a team comprising directors Agathiyan, Prabhu Solomon and Vijay. The film stars Udhaya, brother of director Vijay, in the lead.

Karan appreciated a song in the film which had as its lyrics verses from Tirukkural, one of the most avidly read poetic literatures till today. “Using one Kural itself is a tough job; the fact that many such Kurals are used goes to show the hard work put behind the composing. The film is certain to draw the viewers’ attention in a big way.

“Nowadays, makers use odd titles for their films which, in their opinion, appear fashionable. ‘Ra Ra’, though, has an inner meaning and I feel the Telugu version could also have the same title. I wish Udhayan, who is a close friend of mine, all the success at the box-office,” concluded Karan.

Actress Saranya Ponvannan, who took part in the audio-launch, was honoured by the crew for having bagged the national award for the ‘best supporting actress’. ‘Ra Ra’ has been produced by Udhaya himself and directed by Shandilya, who had been working as an assistant director under Agathiyan.


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