Novel authors become part of Kollywood

Rajesh Kumar enters Kollywood

A few years back, popular author Rajesh Kumar had penned the story of the film Agaradhi. The film, which remained in cold storage for a long time, is all set for its theatrical release soon. He has also penned the story of another upcoming film titled Siruvaani. Suresh and Balakrishnan, the duo popularly known as Suba, has penned the story of films like Kanaa Kandein, Ko and the upcoming film Maatraan.

Another popular author Pattukkottai Prabhakar has been the ‘official’ story and dialogue writer for directors Kannan and A Venkatesh. The increasing trend in Kollywood appears to be to look to popular authors and involve them in the process of film-making. As such, these authors are having the best time of their lives!

Director Vasanthabalan, who made last year’s award-winning film Angaadi Theru, has gone on record saying that he once read the story-book titled Kaaval Kottam penned by author K. Venkatesan and had added that one of the incidents in the book which he came across formed the basis for his upcoming film Aravaan, which is all set for theatrical release soon.

Let the authors flourish along with the film-makers!


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