Not scared by Bharathiraja’s intimidatory tactics, says Ameer


Actor-director Ameer has said that he won’t be cowed down by veteran director Bharathiraaja’s intimidatory tactics and shall continue to fight for the rights of film employees and workers. Ameer says that his ouster from Bharathiraaja’s upcoming film Annakodiyum Kodiveeranum was a direct fall-out of his stance in the FEFSI issue and adds that he won’t be cowed down by any threats whatsoever.

The wages issue taken up by FEFSI has been becoming a huge one with each passing day and threatens to become a major crisis. The Tamil Film Producers’ Council (TFPC) thought Amma might intervene and settle the issue in their favour but the Government directed the Labour Welfare Department to handle the issue and iron out a solution.

Though talks were held by the LW Department involving FEFSI and TFPC officials, the latter had alleged that the LW Department treated them in a ‘humiliating’ manner. Following this, the Council announced launch of a new Employees’ Union and have started the shooting schedules of the various films whose shoot were stalled due to the strike from 7th April by employees affiliated to FEFSI.

It is in this backdrop that Ameer has now reacted to his ouster from Bharathiraaja’s film. The Council reportedly pressurized the veteran director as to why he should cast a man who had been openly supporting FEFSI’s overtures. “I have decided to support the workers in the wages issue which probably hasn’t gone down well with Bharathiraaja who has ousted me from his film. I won’t be cowed down by such acts and shall continue to fight for the rights of the employees. I hope a solution would be found soon when talks are held with the Hon’ble Minister for Labour Welfare,” he said.


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