Vaseekaran Norway Film Festival

Norway Film Festival director appeals to Kollywood to make quality films

Vaseekaran Norway Film Festival

Vaseekaran’s a well-known name among the Norway-based fans of Tamil films. A keen lover of Tamil films, Vaseegaran is all set to organize another edition of the International Tamil Film Festival in Norway in the last week of April. The director has appealed to Tamil feature film makers and short-film makers to participate in the Festival in a big way to as to entertain the Tamils in Norway.

In a statement released to the press intimating the hosting of the upcoming Film Festival, Vaseegaran didn’t hesitate in pointing out the many number of films which have been emanating from Kollywood lacking the requisite quality to qualify as ‘substantial movies’. In as statement, he has said, “My dear (Tamil) film-makers and directors….over the years, your creations have offered us solace and relief to forget our worries and have good time in theatres by watching your movies.

“There is no place in the world where Tamilians don’t reside. The Norway Tamil Film Festival Committee has taken upon the onerous responsibility of taking Tamil films to places where it’s not screened with a view to getting the due recognition for directors not only in terms of commercial aspect but also from a creativity angle. We are also succeeding, albeit slowly, in creating a market for Tamil films abroad.

“We seek the cooperation of film-makers in this regard and ask them to bear in mind certain factors. Each country has a set of rules for films to be screened in its territory. In Norway, for example, films containing extremely violent sequences are not allowed to be screened. Like-wise, overdose of sexually explicit sequences are also a strict no-no. These restrictions are in force in countries like Russia, Germany and in European countries as well.

“Some films which we chose to screen at the Festival couldn’t pass these restrictions and we had to avoid them. If the creators make films consciously keeping in mind the situation prevailing around the globe, it would be better. We’re just pointing out the issue here and aren’t breaching the freedom-of-expression on the part of the film-makers,” the statement concluded


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