No National award: Lyricist Naa Muthukumar is not upset

Naa Muthukumar

The soft-spoken and bearded Naa Muthukumar believes in letting his work speak for himself. The lyricist has penned as many as 1,500 lyrics in his 12-year long tenure in films. This is roughly 3 lyrics per day, which is really baffling indeed. The hard-working Muthukumar says he gets inspired to write the lyrics from the many real-life experiences he has encountered hi his own life.

“As these are written in the backdrop of those experiences, they almost look very real,” says Muthukumar. He has his head firmly planted on his shoulders despite the fact that most of his songs have been topping the music charts on the trot for the past 6- years. Contrary to reports which appeared in a section of the press, Muthukumar says he’s not upset when his name didn’t figure in the list of award-winners in the national awards category.

“In all my humility, I would wish to state that I got many awards in the initial years when I started writing. As such, I have no regrets that my name missed out from the national award-winners’ list. In fact, I’m extremely that my contemporary Vairamuthu Sir has managed to win this coveted for the record sixth time. The award-winning song, incidentally, is one of my most-favourite songs,” observes Muthukumar.

He says he’s thankful to all his directors including Bala, Lingusamy, Vijay, A.R. Murugadoss and Vasanthabalan, for having given him ‘full freedom’ in penning his lyrics. “This sort of freedom gives full impetus to the creative instincts in a lyric writer,” he concludes.



  1. Name

    1500 lyrics for 3 years, means 1 lyric every 3 days and not 3 lyrics every day… God.. where do you guys learn your math?

  2. Name

    1500 lyrics for 12 years is 1 lyric every three days and not 3 lyrics every day… God… where do you guys learn your math?

  3. bebo

    super ah sonna po.. 1500 lyrics — 12 years => 125 lyrics per year (or) in 365 days => one lyric in every three day… 

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