No Endhiran 3D Version

Endhiran - Rajini

Reports were being circulated that the producer of ‘Endhiran’, Kalanidhi Maran, is planning to get the film dubbed in English, and it will be in a 3D version!

However Sun Pictures’ CEO Mr. Hansraj Saxena has quashed all the rumours and news about Endhiran’s 3D avatar and has said that there are no plans to convert the film into 3D.

There were also speculations that ‘Endhiran’ new version would have a 7-minute sequences made in 3D but camera man Rathnavel informed that the 3D version wasn’t really a viable option as it was time consuming as well as a burden to few theatre owners because they would have to install 3D screens.

This annoucement will surely disappoint the die-hard Rajini fans who were expecting to see their Thalaivar in 3D.



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