No change in script of Rana, assures KS Ravikumar

KS Ravikumar

Director K.S. Ravikumar has assured superstar Rajini’s fans and the media that he won’t be making any change(s) in the script of ‘Rana’, which was launched on 29th April, the day Rajini fell ill and is still recovering at a service apartment in Singapore. “Rajini doesn’t want any changes in the script and as such, there won’t be any change,” said Ravikumar.

Rajini is expected to be back in Chennai from Singapore by July and might start shooting for ‘Rana’ from the second fortnight of August or later than that. Speaking to a popular English daily, Ravikumar has said that “The story of ‘Rana’ is that of a king who lived and ruled in the 17th century. The film would have plenty of action, sentiment, romance and comedy. The battle-sequences, scenes to be shot in palace and the King’s court would be loved by the audience. Rajini plays triple roles in the film and one of his roles would take care of the comedy quotient in the film.

“Only Deepika Padukone has been finalized among the five heroines to be cast in the film. No change is likely to be made in the aftermath of the superstar falling ill and recovering. Even Rajini doesn’t want any change in the script. As you are award, it’s Rajini Sir’s story and he is fully aware of the script and his role(s) in the film.

“I’d shoot the sequence after gauging Rajini’s physical health and the amount of ‘risk’ that he can be subjected to. If need be, I might even consult the doctors. The use of a ‘double’ is not ruled out in high-risk sequences. I did finish ‘Padaiyappa’ in a span of five months but can’t do the same with ‘Rana’. The film won’t have any punch dialogues but the dialogues would be razor-sharp,” he concludes.


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