Nivedita defends her lip-lock in Markandeyan

Nivetita Markandeyan

Actress Nivedita has said that she didn’t find anything ‘wrong’ in locking lips with her hero Sabareesh for a particular sequence in the film ‘Markandayan’. The film, which released a few weeks back, is said to be doing average business. Sabareesh, son of noted stunt choreographer and popular villain actor ‘FEFSI’ Vijayan, has debuted as a hero in Kollywood with this film.

Vijayan has launched his son as hero in the film by directing and producing the film. Though Vijayan has directed a few Telugu films, ‘Markandayan’ is his debut directorial venture in Tamil. Fittingly enough, he had chosen an action-packed subject as the launch-pad for his son. Sabareesh, on his part, reportedly trained hard by learning all the martial art forms as well as dancing to play the hero’s role in the film.

Nivedita has opined that the smooch was part of the script and wasn’t ‘injected’ into the film for ‘cheap thrill’. “As an actress, I have to abide by what the script and the director say; I can’t say no and backtrack,” says Nivedita and adds that she finds it ‘surprising’ that a hue and cry is being raised about the sequence, which is just a ‘brief’ one.

“I got appreciation for the sequence as it’s only my first film. The director had filmed it in an aesthetic manner and didn’t look vulgar at all. As viewers are aware, this particular sequence was an important one in the script. Vijayan had explained to me about the sequence well in advance and I shed my inhibitions to act in the sequence,” explains Nivedita.



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