Nitinsathyas Mayanginen Thayanginen


Nitinsathyaa is not seen lot these days reaon being  the actor deciding to do one film at a time. And he his getting ready with Mayanginen Thayanginen directed by ST Vendham(Inba director)

Though i have decided to take up one project at a time, I’m really excited  I’am back with Mayanginen Thayanginen opposite Disha Pandey(who played the female lead in Tamizh Padam). I play a call taxi driver in the film. The character is an extrovert and falls in love with a girl who is a telephone operator. It’s an interesting love story with a twist. The film has ample scope for experimentation with emotions,”

Ganja Karuppu, Tejashri, Ajay Ratnam and Pawan  also playimportant roles in Mayanginen Thayanginen

On why he chooses to play only one movie at a time, the actor says  ” I have made mistakes in the past but I have learnt a lot from them. That’s the main reason why I opted for this move. I want every character that I play to have variety.

Nithin refuses to reveal more info on Mayanginen Thayanginen, Saying “I have been asked not to reveal anything more about it right now; you will have to wait for the audio launch of the film when we will be talking about the film in detail.”

Anyway the news we hear from circles closer are the names of the characters in the film would be inspiring to all Tamil lovers.

As the shoot of  Mayanginen Thayanginen is complete Nithin  has signed his next  film which would be directed by Kavi Kalidas, an associate of K Bhagyaraj , the hunt for  the heroine is on for that flick.


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