Nithya Menon in controversy

Nithya Menon

In her last interview with we revealed more about Nithya Menon who is not a cinema freak. Now look at her carelessness towards the industry .This new controversy could cost her heavily.

On a recent interview during the promotion of her upcoming film 180, when she was asked if she would be interested in acting with Prabhas, she replied to the media personnel ‘Who is Prabhas?’

Everyone present was stunned by her reply as they thought that Nithya was being purposely rude.

Only few moments later did she again clarify that there is a misunderstanding and that the last Telugu movie she saw was Magadheera, moreover she stated she doesn’t even watch her own movies and hence it was not her fault that she doesn’t know Prabhas.

We surely saw a lot of Prabhas fans turn red at Nithya’s statement. Her friend the director Nandini Reddy however came to her rescue and staunchly commented “All an actress needs to know is to how to act and be a decent human being”

Earlier Nithya was also in news as she was upset that actor Siddharth got her removed from the film ‘Oh My Friend’ for Shruthi Haasan and now this controversy.

Seems like Nithya loves controversies,

What do you think Kollytalkers  is Nithya really at fault here?


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