Nithya Dharmananda (Lenin) Confess he shot the Nithyananda Sex videos,

Chennai Commisioner Rajendran

A case has been filed against Nithyananda based on the video which was produced by his disciple SriNithya Dharmananda to the Commissioner. The incidents have taken place in Karnataka. The Tamilnadu Police commissioner Rajendran said that the case will be transferred to the Karnataka police.

The video containing Ranjitha and Nithyananda has arised various questions to the mind of all. How did this video get released? Who made the coverage? At this instance, it has been confirmed that the video was taken by one of the disciple( As we had reported here in the blackmail episode). SriNithya Dharmananda originally known as Lenin from Salem is the personality. He was working in the Bangalore ashram. He has met the Chennai police commissioner in person and filed a complaint against Swami.

What’s mentioned in complaint?

Lenin has been the disciple of Swami from 2004 and has been working in Bangalore ashram since 2006. Nithyananda used to portray himself as Lord Krishna to the beautiful ladies coming to the ashram. He used to hug them, even if they weren’t interested. Some left the ashram due to his misbehavior. One person died in the ashram in an unknown manner and one person tried to commit suicide. He has seen Ranjitha in the bed of Swami many times. In order to bring this cruel personality in front of the public, on December Lenin has shot a video when Ranjitha was in the bedroom of Swami.

When Swami came to the inaugural function of a new ashram in Salem during February 18,19, he had called Lenin inside his van and feared him that he would kill him. Lenin some how managed to escape from there. Inorder to save the lakhs of followers from Swami, Lenin has now filed a case against Swami. He has also given a CD to the police.

Chennai Police Commissioner Rajendran on this issue said “SriNithya Dharmananda originally known as Lenin met me in person and filed a complaint. In the ashram there were some evil activities taking place and inorder to bring that to light he has shot the video. He also said that, some personalities were against his life. We have filed the case under six sections. All the informations would be handed over to the Karnataka police for further investigation on Monday. The CD which Lenin gave is a 2 hour CD. The personality in the video will be found out by the Karnataka police. Actions to be taken against Lenin for shooting a bedroom scene will also be decided by them. There are two cases filed against Swami Nithyananda”.

Lenin is the personality who was previously involved in the Magnet Bed cheating case. Lenin who was born in Aatur was brought up in Aallagapuram. He was doing Magnet Bed sales there. The cost of one bed was charged fron 12000 to 25000. He made statements that by using those beds, the sexual life would be pleasant. The bussinessmen and VIP who bought the bed, have filed a series of case against him.

This issue was famous all over Tamilnadu and Lenin had cheated lakhs of rupees.After that he was jobless for some time. Later he made Swami Nithyananda to come to Salem and joined as a disciple under him. He changed his name to Dharmananda.

Lenin who was one of the faithful disciple of Swami has now turned against him.



  1. Anonymous

    Lenin might be the mama/pimp, who might have introduced girls and drugs to nithyananda. After all he is a fraud, he must have black mailed him.. Why don't you cover the news about male prostitutes in vatican church ?? or the father who is killing/raping and running brothel houses in a Christian missionaries?? This is just another chance to demean hindus and hinduism.

  2. Anonymous

    I know both Ranjitha and Swamiji. I have gone over the video many times, it is a fake. Dharmananda was jeleous of others in the ashram and of Swamiji. He did this for revenge.

  3. Anonymous

    2 things you need to understand:

    1. Ranjitha is plump these days. She is not thin as shown in the video. This proves that the video is not shot in the recent times. Why did he wait for a very long to come out with this video. If his intention is just to bring out the good.. then why did he not release the video back then??

    2. nakeran made a big fun of elam people's sentiment by coming out with a picture of Mr. Prabakaran, who was dead .. yet he made it look like he was alive and watching his own death. that was the most hurtful moment… he is no friend to anyone, he is a person of intrest.. he needs to be grilled.

  4. nithyanadha

    Dear Disciples, please use your restraint while commenting here. What about Lord Krishna when he was with many gopikas? Would you say the same thing.

    Men, please learn to control your carnal desires. Desires are the root cause of all evil. Ladies, if you have carnal desires, just join my Ashram.

    Aayushmaan bhava!

  5. ரஞ்சிதா

    நித்யானந்த சுவாமிகளே! உங்களால் நான் பரவச நிலை அடைந்தேன். உங்கள் பாதங்களை பிடித்தது விட என்றும் கடமைப் பட்டுள்ளேன். என் புருஷன் நாட்டை காப்பாற்றுகிறேன் என்று காஷ்மீரில் இருந்தால், என் உன்னத மோட்சத்தை எப்படி அடைவது? நீங்களே எனக்கு தெய்வம்!
    தர்மானந்தர் கூட எனக்கு குட்டி தெய்வம் தான்!

  6. Ramesh

    lenin did for black mailing swamiji, ranjitha did 4 money, swamiji did 4 pleasure…..and 4 disciples it a warning-don sanctify humans

  7. Anonymous

    "1. Ranjitha is plump these days. She is not thin as shown in the video. This proves that the video is not shot in the recent times. Why did he wait for a very long to come out with this video. If his intention is just to bring out the good.. then why did he not release the video back then?? "

    may be they were researching if it was really nithynanda or a fake video so after confirming that it's him they would have published

  8. Anonymous

    If Swamiji threatened Lenin's life, it means Lenin must have told him what he had done in making the DVD. Why? Was Lenin trying to extort money from Swamiji? Maybe Swami refused to give Lenin money for his silence, so Lenin took the tape to the police. A good movie plot for Bollywood.

  9. Anonymous

    the video is a fake.!…i captured few snapshots of the vid and i noticed many graphics errors like the forehead being very small at first and suddenly in another frame it is too big. . and the head shrinking in consecutive frames!while they are filing cases ,the police must at first authenticate whether the video is real or fake!
    and also like the tv channels are only on verge of spoiling the name of hinduism.

  10. Anonymous

    do these chamchas of nithyananda think that the public are fool,you dont have to be a grahics specialist to find out the tapes were real or fake,it is very clear in it portraying the swamiji and his mistress ranjitha.He certainly seems to be enjoying the blessings of some influential bigwigs who have taken the case lightly,otherwise the police would have zeroed on him and brought him to jail…..yet another case of a criminal escaping under the hood….same old way it has been happening in india and will continue to happen further unless the public stop encouraging such NITHYA sexANANDAs.

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