Nikil Murugan Fefsi issue

Nikhil Murugan under fire for leaning towards FEFSI

Nikil Murugan Fefsi issue

Popular PRO Nikhil Murugan, who manages the media affairs of many of the leading stars in Kollywood, is under fire for his reported stance in the wages issue which has been threatening the whole film industry for more than a month now. Some producers are of the view that Nikhil has been functioning in a manner which is supportive of the leine toed by FEFSI.

The producers allege that Murugan works for and in favour of Ameer after getting ‘sacked’ as PRO of Sivakumar, Suriya and Karthi last year. As Suriya’s uncle Gnanavel Raja is part of the Producers’ Council, Murugan is said to be working in tandem with Ameer who has openly supported FEFSI’s demands for wage hike on more than one occasion.

When contacted, Murugan said “PRO’s like me are unbiased and and are common to everyone in the film industry. We have to oblige when producers, various Unions, the Nadigar Sangam or FEFSI call us to organize a particular show or a press-meet. I’m carrying on with my profession in an unbiased manner.” He also referred to some producers’ complaint that Suriya and Karthi were giving call-sheets only to films made by their uncle.

Murugan recently celebrated his birthday amid comments by a lead actor on his dressing sense (reportedly Jiiva) on Twitter page. The actor reportedly recorded that “Wonder what would Murugan have done on his birthday….he does have the habit of changing his costume at least thrice during a press meet…would have purchased a whole lot of clothes on the birthday…”

Producers say that Murugan gets paid by them for arranging press-meets and as such, it’s unethical on his part to act in a manner which is detrimental to their interests.


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