Night time is the right time for Kollywood directors

Kollywood directors shoot during night
Kollywood directors shoot during night

Night is the time when everyone goes to bed, when the streets are silent, and a time which AR Rahman loves to compose.

Now, we are not going to tell you about the genius of Rahman, but after giving a thought it seems the night sky really has something inspiring about it which has made directors in Kollywood to make it an integral part of their filmmaking process.

A lot of the movies stand proof to this for instance has the narrative style of Pushkar-Gayathri in Quarter cutting.

Here is what Pushkar-Gayathri had  said prior to the release “Our forthcoming film Quarter-Cutting is a story of happenings that take place in Chennai on a single night,”

It’s true that they have captured the night life of the people where Nirav Shah, has lifted the spirits, he has brilliantly captured the night scenes with a perfect eye for detail practically taking you on a ride through the city and its night streets, alleys, scanty and dusky brothels. He has effectively brought out Chennai in a splendid style not hesitating in showing you the other side of the city too.

The focus was on the other side of the street and not the pubs and other modern hotspots as you would expect to draw in a night scene.

Now coming to Eesan,

Eesan revolves around the lives of individuals who live in Chennai, the movie also has a strong connection to night themes, but on the contrary is said to showcase more of the pubs and party goers whiling away time pleasurably as party animals are supposed to do. Cinematographer Kathir has joined hands with Sasikumar for this film as well.
Third in the list is a Gautham Menon flick Nandunisi Naigal

An unusual name for a Gautham Menon film but yes he is headstrong with his decision for the controversial title even after request from close friends that it may face resistance from animal right activists.

The movie will not have any music or any background score. It is the first film of Gautham not having any music. The movie is all about compulsive love and the violence associated with it.

This flick  relies more on the darker side of the night, Sameera Reddy plays the role of sex worker in this one.

Looks like night themes are gaining more moment with every movie, with cinematographers turning their light on the night there is only more for the art of cinema to gain. We appreciate the efforts for enlightening us on the ‘nighter side’.


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    Vetayadu Vilayadu la body’a bisect panrathu. Ippa padathuku ipdi oru title. Sharp’ana Director. Aana rough edged.

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