Nibunan’s director’s important announcement for USA distributors


Nibunan director Arun Vaidyanathan has made an important announcement regarding his film’s release.  Following is his message…


Nibunan (Tamil)/ Vismaya(Kannada)/ Kurukshethra (Telugu)-our Trilingual Multistarrer @Arjun 150 is ready for Grand world wide release – The date will be announced anytime soon. We want to release the film in USA,Canada,U.K.,Australia and Rest of World by selling it @ a Win Win price for all our friends & followers who want to release in their state/territory and try their hand in distribution. Especially USA you can buy it territory wise & we will handle the mechanics of it where we need a payment and good local promotion from your side.

This is a ideal opportunity to venture in to Film distribution and can be real fun for some of the passionate movie buffs, entrepreneurs who want to try something new.

Please share it to your abroad staying friends.


Arjun plays the lead role in the investigative thriller, which also has Prasanna and Varalakshmi in important roles.


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