Next Producer from Kalaignar’s Family

Kanimozhi-Next Producer from Kalaignar's Familyr

One more member from CM’s family is all set to make her entry into cine field now.

Kanimozhi, the poetess-turned-politician daughter of Kalaignar and a sitting Rajya Sabha M.P., is said to be seriously considering the option of turning a film producer, sources close to her say.

Other than politics, members of Kalaignar’s big family have been regularly foraying into the various departments of the Tamil film industry. Kalaignar himself, who leads the way, is a successful lyrics and story-dialogue writer in films for over five decades. Kalaignar’s eldest son M.K. Muthu dabbled in acting when he was propped up in vain by the DMK as an alternative to the legendary MGR in the mid-seventies. Muthu’s son is now trying to make his mark in Kollywood as an actor as well as a qualified singer.

Deputy chief minister Stalin too has appeared in films; Stalin’s son Udhayanidhi owns the production house ‘Red Giant Movies’ and is also a successful distributor. Union Minister Azhagiri’s son Dayanidhi Azhagiri too has his own production house ‘Cloud Nine’.

Recently another son of Kalaignar M K Thamizharasu completed his first production ‘Vamsam’ with his own son Arulnidhi as the hero.

In the meantime, it is said that Kanimozhi is also too keen to make her mark in films as a producer. The cast and crew and other technicians of the film are being kept under the wraps by the producer for the time.

As usual keeping with the family reputation even Kanimozhi’s film would be a mega budget extravaganza they added.

P.S: An under-production film ‘Kanimozhi’ has nothing to do with the hi-profile daughter of the chief minister, as it’s being produced by actress Sona.



  1. Anonymous

    Shouldnt they really be considering about the people rather than themselves. We did not vote them so that they could have more power and manipulate themselves to the film industry…

  2. Anonymous

    If DMK wins in next election then we can see only Kalingar TV, Kalingar Bus Service, Kalingar Airways, Kalingar Hotels, Kalingar Hostels, Kalingar College of Engg and Tech, Kalingar University, Kalingar Schools, Kalingar Polytechnic, Kalingar Nursery, Kalingar Restaurant, Kalingar Cellular Services, Kalingar Broadband, Kalingar Movies, Kalingar Cinemall, Kalingar Bank, Kalingar Hospitals, Kalingar Temple, Kalingar Beach, Kalingar Kalingar Kalingar in all the major cities like Chennai, Trichy, Madurai, Coimbature…and finally rename TamilNadu as KalingarNadu and Kalingar will be Raja of the Kingdom…

    People have to pay till their last penny and use all the services….

    Freedom is not Free But Freedom from Bribe and Politicians is Free.

  3. Anonymous

    Super comment by the (anonymous July 6, 2010 5:43 PM)

    also second anonymous i ve too read of kanimozhi's secret affair with raja was written in dinamalar.

  4. Anonymous

    ok tell me one thing. we don't believe that you are corrupted. we don't believe that your sons are corrupted. With the amount of money that you have earned as CM, getting monthly wages and holding other offices in the government, would it be humanely possible for anybody to maintain 3 families and their grandchildren producing movies? just answer this question Mr.Karunanidhi.

  5. Anonymous

    Suddenly so many 'nithis' in cinema field. It shows there is lot of 'nithi' available. The easiest known way to convert or conceal is cinema and real estate. Why the 'nithis' are not entering the real estate business? may be a good suggestion to consider by the 'nithis'.

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