Newcomer faints during shooting of Oodhari


Actress Vishnupriya, who is debuting as heroine in a film titled Oodhari, fainted during the shooting, sending panic waves among the crew. This resulted in cancellation of the shoot for a few hours.

Balaji Prabhu, son of noted director-producer M. Baskar, turns producer with ‘Oodhari’, directed by Sakthi Krishna. Vinod and Vishnupriya are the debuting lead pair in the film. Though new to Kollywood, Vishnupriya has already starred in as many as four Malayalm films. Also had been making news with her interviews criticizing Asin and Nayantara, senior actresses from Kerala for their expose acts on screens.

Last week, while the shooting was in progress, Vishnupriya  fainted all of a sudden. She was then to the caravan and a doctor was immediately called to Spot, who after attending to her, said it was just an ‘ordinary faint’ due to tireless work, weakness and not eating proper food at the right time.

After resting for a couple of hours, Vishnupriya was back in action and started her shoot for ‘Oodhari’.


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