Newcomer Ankita complaints of torture against Prajin-Sandra

Prajin  Sandra missing

Newcomer Ankita has complained of ‘mental torture’ by fellow actress Sandra during the shooting of the film ‘Sutrula’. She has said that she even contemplated committing suicide but restrained herself in the nick of time.

Ankita plays the lead role in the upcoming film ‘Sutrula’ in which television actress Sandra plays her friend. Under strange circumstances, Sandra and her husband Prajin, who too plays a small role in the film, ‘disappeared’ from the sets of the film a couple of days back.

It’s in this backdrop that Ankita’s complaints against Sandra have surfaced. Talking about the torture she had to endure on the sets, Ankita says “Sandra used to verbally abuse almost on a daily basis. I had to undergo lot of stress and at one point I wrote a letter saying she was responsible for my death and even attempted suicide. However, by the Almighty’s grace, I could restrain myself at the very last moment.” She also showed the letter she had penned earlier.

Prajin and Sandra’s disappearance has given unlimited, albeit negative, publicity to the film ‘Sutrula’, the making of which had remained unknown to many till now. Rumours are abound in Kollywood that these could just be part of an orchestrated campaign to garner publicity!



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